Safe n Snug

Using heat transference, if the wearer’s temperature is raised to above 37°C (Activation Temperature), the colour pigment gradually alters from coloured to colourless, acting as a visual indicator assisting parents to monitor their baby’s body temperature both day and night.

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Ecolife International

Ecolife International wanted to do something to help our ailing planet. We looked for a way to provide consumers choices that would not only help the environment, but would also save them money. With a price tag of only 15-20% above environmentally damaging products, Ecolife International is able to develop affordable products that are ‘safe for me and safe for the planet’.

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Karim Rashid is one of the world’s leading and best-selling industrial designers and is the designer of all iiamo products and packaging. Karim Rashid has received many distinguished design awards such as Business Week’s Industrial Design Excellence Awards and the Red Dot Award and his design products are on permanent display in 15 museums including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and San Francisco.

Recently chosen as No. 1 in Top 10 Parenting Gadgets in Australia.

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